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Window Treatment

Drapes and Blinds Cleaning

Here at A and B Carpet Cleaning we have the necessary tools to clean all soft and hard window

coverings. We do offer a wide variety of options related to cleaning types. We will estimate the

service, uninstall, clean, iron, press them and finally delivery. They will be re-installed exactly the

way we picked them up. We clean all window treatments such as: Sheers, Silhouettes, Roller

Shades, 1” and 2” Horizontal Metal and

Wood Blinds, Shags, Valances, Drapes and much more. These window treatments are cleaned in

our facility and are usually returned in a week or so, time tends to vary based on the condition.

Drapes & Blinds Repairs

In addition to cleaning drapes and blinds we also do repairs. It takes a professional like A and B

Carpet Cleaning who are quite skilled at the craft to have it done properly. Cutting, Dyeing, Seam

Repair, Hole Repair, Stitching are just some of the features that we offer. When it comes to 1” and 2”

blinds we change the old cords a spray the machinery at the top so the blinds will continue to work

properly. You also have the option to have these repairs done on site if possible or we can remove

them, treat them in our facility and have them brought back to you in great condition.

Drapes & Blinds Sales

Blinds and drapery sales are one of our many offerings to our customers. Here at A and B Carpet

Cleaning we try our best to keep our window treatment types versatile enough to suit the many

preferences. Our inventory includes Cellular Shades, Cordless Cellular Shades, Vertical Blinds,

Horizontal Shades and much more. These coverings can be installed in a week’s time, but naturally,

if the window coverings are a bit more complex it may take a bit longer. A manufacturer's warranty is

attached to each window covering, but the warranty will differ depending on the manufacturer.

Drapes & Blinds Installation

Window covering installations? Yes, we do those as well, but we only install those that are purchased from us.

Why we do this? It’s quite simple, we know our products well, if it is damaged when it gets to your home we

can re-order a new one, put a rush delivery on it then have it installed as soon as possible. This cannot be done

with existing blinds, so a charge will be applied if you want them to be installed by us. So be sure to order your

blinds from A and B Carpet Cleaning.

Why Are We The Best Solution?

Our company is family owned and operated, and we are backed by a team of highly skilled and trustworthy

professionals. We also offer a wide range of services with very competitive rates.

Give us a call at: (718) 431-8484

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