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Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bugs Upholstered Furniture

Have bed bugs invaded your upholstered furniture? Noticing any bites on the lower part of your legs?

Whether things have gotten to this stage or they have not as yet, you should immediately call an exterminator.

The problem can get even worse so it’s best that you take care if the problem right away. After the

exterminator has been called in and after they have done at least 3 separate treatments, then you can give us a

call, A and B Carpet Cleaning. Using strong organic cleaning agents and hot water to get to the root of the

furniture. However, this is no guarantee that this won’t happen again but for this cleaning those pesky critters

will stay far away.

Bed Bugs Mattress Service

Beg bugs are some of the worst bugs to have in your space. They are parasites that feed only on

blood and you should ensure that your mattress is clean at all times to prevent these unwanted

creatures from invading it. They have a love for cotton fillings and fiber so this is why you always find

them in mattresses, pillows and so forth. They can cause serious health issues if taken lightly, so we

recommend you clean your mattress once a year and if you travel a lot take extra care when

showering when you get home from your trip and be sure to give these clothes used on that trip a

special washing. Prevention is better than a cure. We will clean and re-clean until we get deep into

the Mattress fibers.

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