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Water and Fire Damage Services

Area Rugs Water and Fire Damage

We can restore all types of area rugs with any fire or water damage issues. When floods and fires do

occur they can prove to be very devastating and cleaning your area rugs after such an event is probably the

last thing on your mind which is natural. However, as you go through the process of trying to build yourself

over again, we at A and B Carpet Cleaning can lend our assistance by coming over to issue you and estimate,

pick up your area rugs, do routine inspections and organic deep clean, sanitize and deodorize them.

Subsequent to that they are re-sanitized, re-deodorized, re-washed, re-steamed and dried. By this time you

will be getting back an area rug that’s good as new. We recommend that you allow you area rug to settle 24

Hours after it’s been delivered if possible.

Wall-to Wall Carpets Water and Fire Damage

Picture this, you go out to dinner, come home to find your washing machine has overflowed onto your

basement carpet. What do you do now? You call A and B Carpet Cleaning immediately. No matter what time of

the day or night it is, we will arrive, inspect the carpet and issue you a price. If you agree with our price we will

go forward with the service, extract the water, deep clean it, sanitize, deodorize and spray with a mildew and

mold prevention liquid. Remember, all with eco-friendly liquids.

Upholstery and Furniture Water and Fire Damage

The cleaning that has to be done to furniture and upholstery after a flood or fire can be demanding.

Nevertheless, we are here to help. The same cleaning process as listed for water and fire damage to rugs and

carpets is the one that is applied to upholstery. The recommendations for “breathing time” also remain the


Drapes & Curtains Damage Water and Fire Damage

In our facility, we also tend to water and fire damaged draperies and curtains. Our cleaning methods in this

instance can be quite intense, and for that very reason, we have to pick it up. Ten days is the normal window for

cleaning and delivery. Inspections are done to get rid of any insects or any other unwanted miscreants have

managed to crawl into any of the small crevices before the actual cleaning can begin. We then hang them up

for steaming to eliminate creases and then a final inspection is done before it’s delivered back to you.

Mildew & Mold Damage Water and Fire Damage

Our wide range of services also allows us at A and B Carpet Cleaning to treat mildew and mold on

all upholstery, bedding, area rugs, carpets, linens, window coverings and furniture. A foul smell

might resonate from your home if you have one or more of these that has been damaged by fire or

water. That smell is mildew coming into effect and sometimes as early as the same day you will start

to notice yellowish/blackish spots appearing on your carpet edges and your walls. If this should

happen don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll treat and also put it preventative measures to avoid

further spreading.

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