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Area Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

The cleaning facility that we have available at A and B Carpet Cleaning, is built for the specific purpose of

cleaning area rugs as large as 20ft by 30ft, small as 2ft by 3ft and also those that fall in between. Since our

inception in 1980, we have took pride in what we do and in addition, our rug repair and cleaning services have

been rated as #1 by our wide customer base. Spot and stain removal, deodorizing, pre-washing, cleaning and

rinsing are just some of the services we offer and each one is all dependent what you require. Whether the

problem is soy sauce, blood, red wine, tea, coffee, mustard and/or ketchup stains, we can fix it. We also clean

rugs of various types which may include Pakistani, Moroccan, Indian, Afghani, Dhurrie Shag, Persian, Oriental

and a host of others. All our rugs go through the fringe cleaning process to ensure that you’re getting back a

rug that’s clean and fresh.

Antique Rug Wash

Our Antique Rug Washing is something that we take pride in, especially given the delicate nature of this

process. It can also take anywhere between 5 – 7 days to be completed. Under normal circumstances, initial

checks are done to pinpoint possible beetle, bed bug or moth issues. If it so happens that we find something

that was not listed on the work order, then we will give a call to let you know what we found and discuss steps

we can take to resolve the problem. An opening inspection is usually done and following that we also do dust

removal, scrubbing, deodorizing, sanitizing, rinsing and fringe cleaning/bleaching (if required). After that is all

done then you have the drying and final look-over. Paper or plastic is used to wrap the Antique Rug before it is


Deep cleaning

Here at A and B Carpet Cleaning, we are aware that each rug has to be handled differently based on various

factors and that is why Deep Cleaning is also one of the services we provide. This process uses powerful but

non-toxic cleaning agents to remove up to 99% of spills, spots and stains. A highly efficient water extraction

process is used by our skilled team to get rid of remains and ground dirt that may not be visible to the naked

eye and this method is recommended for rugs that are in an area with high traffic and soil residue.

Why Are We The Best Solution?

Our company is family owned and operated and we are backed by a team of highly skilled and trustworthy

professionals. We also offer a wide range of services with very competitive rates.

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