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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning Option #1

Here at A and B Carpet Cleaning, the Steam Cleaning experts, this is a process that we use on your carpets

consists of an extraction method using pressurized hot water. For carpets to go through this process they must

be spot free and be less than a year old. All the cleaning fluids that we use are non-toxic and safe for children,

pets, and older folks too. The drying process usually takes 3-5 hours. We suggest that you do not walk on the

clean carpet for at least 5 hours so you don’t leave any scuff marks. However, if it is a case where you have

socks on the walking on the carpet is fine. Be sure to let experts know if you want this particular procedure

done to your carpet.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Option #2

The Shampoo Cleaning system is one of the services that we offer mainly to persons that have carpets with

some spills and stains. A portable carpet cleaning machine that comes with high suction power is used to get

out even those stains that may be a little below the surface of the carpet. Based on the sternness of the

cleaning, it takes roughly 6-8 hours to dry properly. We advise that you stay off the carpet for 8 hours. This

process gives exceptional results, and again, we take the time to acknowledge health and safety by using non-

toxic cleaning agents.

Carpet Deep Cleaning Option #3

The top cleaning methods that we offer. This procedure can deal with carpets that have a variety of stains,

spills, odors, spots or a mix of all four. If you have bed bugs and moths on your carpet, then this method is

highly recommended. Cleaning agents are non-toxic, and it takes 12 hours to dry. Carpets like these are the

best suite in spaces with high traffic such as large family homes and commercial spaces. In addition to the deep

cleaning, we also throw in a free Fiber Protector. Also, this process also comes with an environmentally safe

sanitizer and deodorizer. This treatment has a 99% success rate and it does take a bit of time but it is worth it.

Deodorize and Sanitize

If you have high traffic your carpets such as pets and small children you should purify and sanitize your carpet.

A and B Carpet Cleaning uses advanced sanitizers and deodorizers that help to scale down the odors and

bacteria that can be found in your carpet. The fluid is usually placed in the same area where the cleaning is

done and this treatment can be done with any of the listed cleaning types. It comes at no extra cost if done

with the Deep Cleaning and as per usual, non-toxic cleaning agents are used.

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