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Rug Repair

Area Rug Repairs

The most common problem that we have to fix when we get rugs are normally those with the ends worn out

and this because of the high foot traffic across the rug. In these instances, we give the options of surging or

binding the edges. This is simply a style in which the rug ends are closed. If we are dealing with rugs that are

hand-made, a single thread going in a looping pattern is used to do the surge. While in the case of machine

rugs, a surge can also be used, but there is also the option of using binding tape sewn to the edges, seeing that

this is the easier and faster way to repair rug edges. This type of repair demands a lot of time, given that

surging is done by us in our facility. We advise that you have your rugs blocked when they start to wrinkle

or lose their form. Blocking is a technique that balances the pressure at the base of the rug. It helps to smooth

out creases and restore the rug’s original shape. If it hug rug that’s piled high, you could let us block it and

even shear it for you. Not worry, none of these processes will bring any damage to your rug.

Rug Dyeing

At A and B Carpet Cleaning, we dye all rugs. However, based on the fact that the dyeing process is so precise, it

has to be done off-site at our facility. We are able to dye dark spots, red spots, furniture marks bleach stains,

rust stains, sun fading and most other spots that are likely to be found on a rug. The dyeing experts will have to

do an inspection of the rug before a price for the treatment can be determined. If the issue being dealt with is

minor, it can take approximately 2 weeks. While if it is an intense issue, it could take longer. Nevertheless,

after the inspection is done, the expert will provide you with information on how long it will take and the cost.

We also take steps to ensure that your safety is considered, so our dyeing products are both non-toxic and


Bind & Fringe Repairs

The services that we offer include fringing and complete rug binding. We provide Leather Binding, Tapestry

Binding, Instabind, Wide Fabric Binding and a host others that can be done various colors from white to black

and any others that fall in between. Binding repairs and fringing are all done by us in our facility off site, and we

do not subcontract any of the services that we provide. A sample book is also available for you to look at

exactly what we can provide as it relates to a type of binding that you may want as well.

Cutting & Latex Repair

We can cut rugs to just about any specification so they can match and fit just about any space, whether is a

few stairs or a hallway. Based on the situation, electric or hand cutting may be done, and we dispose of all

debris that is left after cutting is done in our off sit facility. In order to keep the edges strong enough to work

on, we latex all rugs before we do any work on them. Without this process, the fringing or binding

processes would not be done properly. We did not forget your safety, hence the reason we ensure that we use

chemicals that are non-toxic and odorless.

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