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Commercial Services

Hospitality Resorts

We do really offer Hotel Carpet Cleaning and is a part of our Heavy Cleaning package. Carpet Cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning as well as Window Treatments Cleaning. Upkeep service is provided for

all hotels in this kind of a way that we are available to cleaning each morning as early as 6 am or perhaps as late as 11 pm at

no extra cost. Holidays and also weekends are zero added charge as well. We make an effort to work at a time that is definitely most

handy to the performance of your small business as a result your guest will not be disrupted while a rapid and thorough

cleaning is done. On site estimates can be provided at no charge at any time.

School Carpet Services

With regards to schools we deliver cleaning solutions to all types from pre-schools up to high schools, Carpet

Cleaning. Bed mattress Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Window Treatments Cleaning. We also thoroughly clean blinds,

drapes, rubber pads in addition to a host of other items. Of course, safety is the initial goal. With that said, our organic and natural

cleaning system is applied that has not a single chemical compounds and is entirely odorless. Cleanings can be done in the morning,

evening or weekends on or off-site based on your own choice as well as neither of these will attract any specific

additional charges.

Building Carpet Services

For the last twenty years, we certainly have been working together with real estate, building management and also property

management offices and over that time we certainly have established ourselves as a prominent cleaning firm within

the Tri-State area, Carpet Cleaning. Mattress Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning as well as Window Treatments Cleaning.

We are most widely known for our mass discount rates, competitive price ranges and high quality service with a fast turnaround


Day-care Centre Carpet Cleaning

Area Rugs and carpets that happen to be located in day care centers are where youngsters are likely to spend most of their time.

If it is not cleaned on an annual basis it can give way to bacteria production and some of the bacteria can help viruses to

thrive, Carpet Cleaning. Mattress Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning as well as Drapes And Window Treatments Cleaning. Cleaning

should be achieved at least once a year as well as twice whenever the carpet is stained poorly. Our many cleaning

processes will guarantee high levels of safety for those who can come in touch with the carpet. We can go as

far as heading for the area rug and in addition to cleaning it we are able to also hold it until a time that’s suitable for you.

Discounts are likewise provided for day care centres as a result we do suggest that you take good thing about this.

Why Are We The Best Solution?

Our business is family possessed and controlled and also we are backed by a group of really skilled and dependable

professionals. We also offer a wide range of solutions with really competitive costs.

Give us a phone call at: (718) 431-8484

You will be treated as more than a customer, you will be taken care of like family.

Free Delivery, Totally free Estimates and Totally free Pickup are all offered.