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Rug Repair

Rug Repairs

The most common problem that we have to fix each time we get rugs are often those with the ends worn out

and this due to the high foot traffic across the rug. In the majority of occasions, we give the options of surging as well as

binding the sides. This is just a method in which the rug sides are closed. In case we are handling rugs which are

hand-made, a single thread heading in a looping structure is employed to perform the surge. While in the situation of machine

area rugs, a surge could also be utilized, but there is also the possibility of using binding pipethread sewn to the edges, seeing that

this is exactly the faster and easier solution to fix rug edges. Such type of repair demands a considerable amount of time, given that

surging is performed by us in our capability. We recommend that you have your rugs blocked with something when they begin to wrinkle

or maybe lose their form. Blocking is a technique that regulates the pressure at the base of the area rug. It helps to smooth

out creases and recover the rug’s original form. If it hug rug that’s piled high, you could let us block it and also

even shear it for you. Not worry, not any of these techniques will bring any specific damage to your rug.

Rug Dyeing

At A and B Carpet Cleaning, we dye all area rugs. In spite of this, based on the fact that the dyeing process is so accurate, it

should be done off-site at our building. We can easily dye darker areas, red spots, furniture marks discoloration stains,

rust spots, sunlight fading and every other spots which can be often located on a rug. The dyeing experts will have to

carry out an examination of the area rug before a price for the procedure may be determined. If the concern being dealt with is

insignificant, it can take just about 14 days. Although if it is an intense concern, it just might take additional time. However,

after the evaluation is carried out, the expert will provide you with information on how long it should take in addition to the cost.

We additionally take the appropriate measures to make sure that your health is thought about, so our dyeing products are both non-toxic and


Bind & Fringe Repairs

The services that we provide you with consist of fringing and also full area rug binding. We offer Leather Binding, Tapestry

Binding, Instabind, Wide Fabric Merging and a host others that can be done a variety of colors from white to black

and any kind of others that fall in between. Binding maintenance and also fringing are generally completed by us in our facility off site, and we

do not subcontract any of the services that we deliver. A sample book is additionally available for you to take a look at

precisely what we can offer since it relates to a type of binding that you might want also.

Cutting & Latex Repair

We can easily cut rugs to almost any requirement so they can match and also fit any kind of place, regardless of whether is a

few stairs or possibly a hallway. Depending on the situation, electric or hand cutting can be executed, and we throw away all of the

particles that may be left after chopping is performed in our off site building. To be able to always keep the ends strong enough to do the job

on, we latex just about all area rugs before we get into any work on them. Without this method, the fringing or merging

techniques probably would not be performed properly. We did not forget your safety, consequently the cause we make sure that we apply

cleaning chemicals which are non-toxic and odorless.