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Allergy Control

Do you possess allergens in your own home?

Have you wondered why sometimes when in your own home your kids happen to be sneezing a whole lot regardless they aren’t

catching a cold of any sort? Why do you first thought this happens? It’s because of the fungus, irritants as well as dust mites

roaming all about in the air and that’s just where we come in. With the most recent in eco friendly cleaning we

provide you with right here at A and B Carpet Cleaning can identify the source and also take care of the issue.

Why is allergen control important?

It helps you live a much more active life and one that is wholesome too. I an instance where you could suffer from

bronchial asthma or just allergies on a complete, residing in an area such as this is able to only worsen your complaint. While in the exact same

breath, for many who is probably not in the situation as listed above, allergens are still able to weaken your own immune

system and give way to inhaling issues. It really is recommended that normal cleaning is performed to lower these kinds of dangers.

Even then, it might still not be enough and this is when you must provide us a telephone call.

How can we get your home allergen free?

Given our cleaning procedures that have been certified as risk-free for the environment together with our equipment

that boasts a few of the latest and also most effective cleaning technology, we are going to make certain that all of the irritants, dust

mites, etc., are all taken care of when we have been through. We perform from the leading levels right through to the

heavy layers exactly where most of the dirt and also dust resides. We follow a particular routine when we go about our

cleaning and it is given below:

1.    Pre-vacuuming

2.    Rinsing the carpet with natural fluids

3. Washing, pH balancing and also centrifuge rinsing

4. Speed drying

5. Spot treatment

6. Post grooming and also carpet proper protection

Please note: Typical residence vacuum cleaners simply take care of top layers, whilst our special cleaning treatment goes way beyond.

What makes us the greatest?

We mind our surroundings by making use of cleaning techniques that are environment-friendly 
Our arsenal of knowledgeable and also highly skilled professionals equipped with advanced equipment for 
maximum results 
We are able to get of the visible irritants along with those that might escape your eyes 
We provide strong cleaning treatments to make certain 100% of troublesome bacteria is eliminated 
We possess equipment that are innovative that allows our staff to carry out their work conveniently 
Why Are We The Best Solution?

Our organization is family members possessed and also operated and we are supported by a crew of very proficient and reliable

professionals. We also provide many solutions with extremely competitive rates.

Give us a telephone call at: (718) 431-8484

You will be dealt with as more than a client, you will end up treated like family.

Free Delivery, Free Estimates and 100 percent free Pickup are all available.